Our ambition

Caring support for positive HR management.

We are convinced that the exception created by impact-driven, mission-driven and even regenerative companies must now inspire any structure wishing to perpetuate the commitment of its employees, the confidence of its shareholders and its growth.

On the strength of this conviction, Abari mobilizes employment law as a tool to help you combine economic performance with social and environmental challenges in the strategies and arbitrations recommended, in all dimensions of resolutely positive HR management.

Abari’s expertise in employment law can be seen both in your company’s growth and acceleration phases, through the development of ambitious and unifying HR policies, and in more delicate contexts, through reliable, caring support and intelligible, pragmatic solutions.

Abari Avocats also takes your objectives and constraints into genuine consideration, analyzing the situation and recommending the most appropriate solution.

As exemplarity is an essential vector in the transition of companies to a more virtuous model, Abari
has adopted the following commitments for its own structure:

Controlling the environmental impact of our activities

Continue to reduce paper printing

  • Dematerialization of all the firm’s files
  • Preferential use of electronic document signatures
  • Printouts are only used for the firm’s litigation work and for courts that require it
  • Printouts set to black and white and double-sided


Limit plastic consumption

  • Objective of 0 plastic bottles by 2024, both in the office and on our business trips
  • Use of reusable containers and cutlery for meals


Limit energy consumption

  • Responsible use of e-mail, with priority given to alternative messaging systems (Teams,
    Slack), generating sharing links to limit bulky attachments, and by regularly deleting
    unnecessary e-mails
  • Systematically turn off computers in the evening, and set an automatic sleep mode after 5
    minutes of inactivity
  • Switch off lights when they are not needed (sufficient natural light, leaving the room)
  • Turn off power strips to avoid leaving appliances on standby unnecessarily

Optimize travel

  • Limiting travel by giving priority to videoconferencing
  • Exclusive use of public transport or bicycles to get to the office and for travel in the Paris
  • Exclusive use of the train for travel within France


Use an ecological web host, o2switch, whose servers are located in Clermont-Ferrand, uses low-carbon energy, favors short circuits and which recycles its own equipment.

Devoting time to virtuous social actions and promoting access to the law

Continuation of our pro bono interventions in labor law with companies and entrepreneurs
promoting projects for a more responsible society, for a total of 10 hours per year.

10 hours of pro bono support per year for two companies committed to social and ecological transition, impact companies or companies in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) sector.

Publications in specialized journals, and a page on professional social networks.

Impact France summer universities, BIG trade show, participation in juries for business incubators, etc.

Virtuous employment law is Abari.

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