Our expertise

Expertise in all aspects of employment law.

Optimize your HR management and streamline individual relations

  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Disciplinary procedures – termination of employment contracts
  • Managing situations of moral and/or sexual harassment – sexist behavior – discrimination
  • Implementing a mobility policy (secondment / expatriation)

Supporting company restructuring

  • Redundancy procedures for economic reasons
  • Social plans
  • Alternative restructuring methods (collective termination agreements, mobility leave, collective
    performance agreements)

Bringing the Works Council and collective bargaining to life

  • Managing relations with employee representatives and union delegates
  • Assistance with consultations
  • Negotiating company agreements
  • Charters
  • Regulations

Proposing an attractive remuneration policy

  • Variable compensation
  • Mandatory Profit-sharing
  • Optional Profit-sharing
  • Employee savings plan
  • Employee shareholding (AGA, BSA, BSPCE, etc.)

Adapting working hours to your company's challenges

  • Audit
  • Implementation of working time arrangements
  • Securing annual working system in days
  • Leave management

Protecting the health and safety of your employees

  • Management of work-related accidents and illnesses
  • Right to disconnect
  • Implementation of psychosocial risk prevention systems
  • Risk assessment

Ensuring professional equality

  • Conducting collective bargaining
  • Drawing up and updating the equality index
  • Determining the necessary corrective measures
  • Adopt appropriate communication

Defending your interests in individual and collective disputes

  • Labour litigation
  • Social security litigation
  • Work-related accidents and illnesses
  • Contestation of IPP rates
  • Electoral litigation
  • Collective litigation

Training your staff

  • Training managers in best practices
  • Technical training (Works Council, working hours, etc.)
  • Legal and case law news

What can abari do for you?

"My employees and candidates are asking for a better sharing of value".

Let’s develop perennial or temporary schemes as a first step.

"Team well-being could boost my growth".

Let’s work together to guarantee professional equality, offer attractive social protection, promote work-life balance and anticipate conflict situations.

"I aspire to a greener way of working".

Let’s implement a sustainable mobility policy, mobilize the Works Council and trade unions on environmental issues, involve employees in this policy.

"Difficulties are forcing me to make difficult choices".

Let’s diagnose the origins of your difficulties and your constraints, to identify the most appropriate
solution for your situation and guarantee the company’s long-term future.

Virtuous employment law is Abari.

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